Sunday, December 5, 2010

Landscape Painting

I had another lovely Saturday with
the oh so entertaining children.
The lesson was Landscape.

Carolina, 8, painted a snow-capped hill
with a nest on a tree.
I'm really liking this. Are you?

Coby, 11, surprises me every time we paint.
Yesterday, he asked for a ruler and in one breath, said,
"I want to paint the horizon while the sun sets
and there has to be a jail house with a cowboy
and his horse and I need a ruler to do the perspective!"

I love this painting and the colors he used.
And! kudos to his perspective.

Kaylee, 12, whom I now call The Awesome One,
painted this. I had nothing to do with it. She is so amazing.

Look at the details of Kaylee's painting by clicking on the image.
She really is The Awesome One.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crafting & Cooking

I prepared my lunch at 11:30 today.
As I sliced the "pechay" ends, I heard my head say,
these are pretty rosettes!

I've been quite silent, so I thought it would be a good time to share
Experiment number 9: Pechay Prints

You will need: Pechay, paper, paint
(in this case, any type of non toxic paint will do)

Save the pechay ends and rub it on the paint
that's been spread on a sheet of paper (or plastic).
Stamp your paper with the pechay ends.

Voila! Now you have a little rose garden.
(Add the stems and leaves with a pen or pencil :)

Chelsea's Welcoming Tree

Chelsea is the second student, below 10 years old,
that is very aware and particular with light source.
I took the time to teach her how to blend and add depth
to her painting, even if it meant standing
beside her every five minutes.

She is very happy with her painting.
I am really proud of her! Look at the image below
and take notice of all the details and love she put into this painting!

Isn't it amazing?!

Oil on canvass by Chelsea C.
3 sessions, Monday to Wednesday.
24~26 November 2010.

Chloe's Cake

Chloe: "I don't know what to paint."
Me: "Paint something that you'd love to see everyday
because it makes you happy."

Every year, a child looks forward to his/her birthday.
There really is a lot to celebrate and be grateful for.
Plus! There are lots of gifts to unwrap!

(This does hold true even when we're already 40 sumthin :)


Oil on canvass by Chloe C.
3 sessions, Monday to Wednesday.
24~26 November 2010.