Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fifth Lesson: Dry Oil Painting

Oil painting without the oil?

And of all days, a new child decided to join the class.
Just to try out oil painting.
Since the child's mother said she had no prior experience
to using oils, there would be no point of comparison.
So I carried on.

A peony stencil using a dryish brush
with minimal paint is what completed Ela's painting.

She was so good :) And apparently talented!
(She arranged those leaves on her own)

I let her try out our very first lesson. She did so well!

Fourth Lesson: Chinese Inspired Paintings with Plaster of Paris

It's too bad that I don't have pictures of the finished art works.
Someone forgot to bring her camera that day!

But here's what happened.
The children poured plaster of Paris
into Chinese themed molds
(rabbit, double happiness, pig, koi),
to create a relief on their painted backgrounds.

Here they are enjoying mixing the plaster.

And painting the background.

What came out of the rabbit mold :)

Third Lesson: Collage

First, they planned their collage by laying out all the elements.

Leandra planned.

Justine picked up a little trick from the previous lesson
of animal patterns and integrated it with her signature stripes!

Grace, as always, is inspired.

And Georgia fused the east and the west.

Drum roll please...

they always come up with something wonderful.
I love these children!

Second Lesson: Painting a Triptych

They planned what colors to use.

Then they mixed their colors.

Then they painted. One panel at a time.

We played around a bit during break time.

And voila!!! The triptychs were done!