Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Second Session

I thought that the children would find it fun if they painted one image
on four different canvasses. Coby was reluctant at first and insisted on using one canvass. In the end, he said, "it's so cool!"

He painted this and it's entitled, The Complexity of a Toaster.

Kaylee, painted a cow. Easily.
She reminds me of my friend, Soozee, who approaches
and tackles life in a very analytical way.
It seems to give them (Soozee and Kaylee)
great results.

Claudia's Peace sign. With her personality,
she could be one of the cool hippies from the 70s.

Coby finished ahead of everyone else
and asked for another canvass. This is Two Face.

Oil Painting with Young Masters

I've been teaching some kids every Saturday, for two hours, how to paint. I have in my class a thirteen year old, a twelve year old, a ten year old and an eight year old, all willing to go through my experiment of teaching them how to paint with oil paint. Classes are free of charge. I bugged some parents to "lend" me their children for four Saturdays, so that I can practice my teaching skills.

Experiment number 8: Oil Painting for Kids

You will need: An easel (I got mine from Ikea), Marie's Water Mixable Oil Colour Studio Set, paint brushes, a canvass
(all from Art Friend).

I showed the kids works by some famous painters. I also demonstrated a few techniques on blending colours and how oil paint behaves differently from other media. After a brief intro to painting, I was amazed after 2 hours. First, I thought they would use 1 canvass for all our 4 sessions. And second, I was honestly impressed with what they painted.

Carolina, 8, painted a volcano (this was the same week of the volcanic eruption in Indonesia). She thought about the light source and mixed her own colours.

Claudia, 13, had music on her mind.
She was singing throughout most of the session.

Kaylee, 12, is a sponge and absorbed everything I said-
how to blend paint and how to apply paint on the canvass.
This is what she did. Isn't it wonderful?

Coby, 11, is a gem. He knew what to paint,
how to paint it and stayed focused until he finished his work.

I was a bit disturbed with the "acid-was-poured-on-the-eyes-effect"
he tried to achieve, plus, the anarchy sign on the t-shirt.

After a few hours of nonsense thoughts,
I decided to stop analyzing his work and just
appreciate it. It's pretty good, right?!

I'm so proud of them! :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Husband Says I Now Have A Zoo

I can't stop sewing. It gives me so much joy :)

Try it out. Here's how.

I'm Going To Miss This Little Girl

Heather joined my teenage oil painting class*
for her last session. She made this really cool painting of a girl.

She also made this :D

*I have a group of teens (and tweens)
in my free oil painting lessons experiment.
Will post about their classes very soon.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

October ends. November begins.

Monster painting for Halloween.

Paper flowers for All Souls Day.


Heather did all these, too. I'm going to miss having her around.
I've got one more session with her
then my Free Art Lessons Experiment
with her will be over. Now, what to do for our last session...

The Heather Update

Creating another heart for her block print.

She had fun making these cupcakes.

An old friend came to join us, too! :)