Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bilingual Roses

Freshly cut from my Secret Garden, are my Bilingual Roses.
These roses speak 2 languages - English and Chinese.
Everything is translated so that everything is understood.

These Bilingual Roses started to grow in my garden
when a Chinese visitor fell in love with
one of the local flowers. It was difficult for them
to understand each other at first, but in time,
they figured out a way to communicate properly.

These flowers make perfect little surprises...say hello,
congratulations, i love you or thank you.
Or if you can't say anything at all,
let the Bilingual Roses do the talking :)
It makes a perfect gift for/between
English and Chinese speaking couples.


These Bilingual Roses are made out vintage paper.
Cut from pages of an old Chinese-English dictionary.
I cut each petal myself. Then glued them on
to form these paper flowers.
All the petals have been carefully glued on to twigs
that I've gathered from my garden. These flowers are ideal
for displaying on a table, either just laying on its side or in a vase.

They will wilt if you water them! So remember not to water them!