Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Bird Bath

Welcome to my Secret Garden.
This is a place where things grow and bloom & flutter & fly!

Yesterday afternoon, something very rare happened...humans entered the Secret Garden!
They spent tea time on the Secret Garden grounds because they finally found a place that is more beautiful than their parks. The plants, birds, bugs and flowers got very curious and slowly made their way to where the humans were having their picnic. The humans have never seen a garden so alive! They got scared of the approaching plants so they ran away as fast as they could!

The plants were wondering what happened.
The plants didn't know why the humans ran away.

The birds and the bugs and the leaves and the vines found tea cups and saucers left by the humans on the ground. So the birds made it their bird bath.
It was a fun afternoon for the birds and the creepy crawling plants.
They kept filling the cup with green nectar
then the birds would dive into their new little bird bath :-)

Many things happen in this secret garden.
And this occurrence is the happiest thing for the little birds
that have just come out of their shells.
The best thing about my gardens is that you can take them with you
anywhere and anytime!

You can watch these birds play in the cup all day :-)