Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Blue Chickadee

Here's an activity for the bigger kids
(sometimes that means you and me!)

This is an online business idea that can support an embroidery hobby or even make you a little extra money :) I've embroidered a little chickadee and framed it in an oval embroidery hoop. These make pretty little home decor pieces if you like the homemade, handmade and old fashion touches in little corners of your home.
This one hangs by the entrance of our home.

If you're crazy about embroidery work and you constantly have an urge to sew, why don't you start selling your work online?
I love the work of these etsy sellers who have
successful online businesses doing embroidery work.

There's monkeyandsquirrel's shop and newear's shop and my favorite, marysgrandaughter's shop :)

I am trying it out because I've always liked how it looks and I'm encouraging you to have an online business. Maybe you'll discover that sewing is inherent in you.

You will need: An embroidery hoop (any size),
fabric that's big enough to cover the hoop hole, needle,
embroidery thread and scissors.

1) Print your design.
(Let me know if you want bird templates. I will share what I have.)
2) Transfer the design onto the fabric.
I covered the overleaf with pencil shadings to create a
"carbon paper effect" so that when i trace the chickadee design,
the lead transfers what I trace onto the fabric.
3) Position your fabric by securing it with the hoop.
4) Start sewing :)
Chain stitch is really pretty to use if you have a
large area to work with. For this one, I used back stitch,
which I think worked well with the size of this embroidery hoop.
5) Trim the excess fabric.
6) Apply white glue all around the edge.
This prevents the fabric from fraying.
7) Hang it on your wall :)

Give it a try!