Monday, October 18, 2010

Zero Calorie Cupcakes

Experiment number 7: No-bake Cupcakes

You won't need: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, water.
But you will need: cupcake holders, white cloth
(follow the proportion as shown on picture),
some beads (or paint), needle, thread, fiberfil and white glue.

Take your square piece of white cloth and sew
wide gaps of running stitches around the square's perimeter.
Once you've done all sides, tug on the thread. Do it slowly!
Once the square piece starts to resemble a shower cap, fill it with fiberfil
until it is formed like a baked cupcake. Seal the filling by tugging
the thread a little more before knotting it.

Apply some white glue in the cupcake holder
and position the white fabric cupcake into it.
Make sure thread is hidden.

Add beads. Tiny beads will look like sprinkles :)
You can actually add anything you wish.
You can also cut colored paper into tiny bits
and use that as sprinkle! The pink flower I used to top
the cupcake can be found in most jewelry/craft stores.
You could also just cut out a red circle and stick it
right at the center. It'll look like a cherry...a non-fattening cherry!

Please don't eat the cupcake.


An alternative to white fabric is brown colored fabric.
Those make chocolate cupcakes. Light brown, for
butterscotch. Pink, blue and purple work, too.