Sunday, October 17, 2010

Revealing Design

Experiment # 7: Bleach Art

You will need: An old plain colored cotton t-shirt
(cut a squarish piece - any size you want to
work with will be perfect); cotton bud; house bleach (a capful)

Young children might get too curious with bleach.
It isn't safe to have them handle it alone.
Please be around around to supervise
them throughout the whole exercise,
and remember to be very careful at all times.

Safety first in all things you do.

This activity is a lot of fun, and almost magical to some eyes :)

Lay your piece of cloth flat on newspaper or any
piece of paper thick enough to protect the table
you're working on. Dip the cotton bud into the bleach and
start dabbing the piece of cloth with dots,
lines or curved lines. Watch what happens :)

Isn't that so neat?

The bleach changes the color of the dyed fabric.
A different color will always be revealed depending
on the shirt color you use. It's a chemical reaction
between the bleach and the type of dye used.

Keep on dabbing.

Wasn't that fun? :)