Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Balloon Printing

Experiment Number 11: Balloon Printing

You will need: acrylic paint, small balloon (inflated),
paper, scissors, paint palette

Print different blotches of colours
in different areas of your paper.

You can achieve this by using a balloon (like the one seen below).
Pour the different colours of acrylic paint on the paint palette.
Dip the balloon into your paint and stamp away on the paper!!!
It isn't a must to clean your balloon when switching colours.
Try leaving it smeared with the previous colour you used
and see what happens when you make a new print.

Once the paint is dry, decide on what it is you want to create.
Cut out the shapes of your design.

On a new sheet of paper, paint your background.
Once your background is dry, stick everything you've cut out
on the paper you painted a background on.

Have fun with this one!!! I did :)

I learned this from a lovely woman
that's teaching me how to be a teacher :D