Monday, May 9, 2011

Oil Painting at Impressions Art Studio

I started teaching oil painting to children at
Impressions Art Studio
at Cluny Court a few months ago.
The first batch of children did a fantastic job!
I'm showing off their works which was done over
1 and half hour sessions each Saturday.

There's a new class that starts this Saturday.
Please call Impressions Art Studio at 6465 8908.
They are located at #02-25, Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road
(near Serene Center, above Cold Storage).
Visit their website at

The beauty and magic of oil
through the eyes of children aged 6 to 9...
(I hope their parents keep these paintings
until they're all grown up.)

Maggie, 6. Self portrait.

Maggie, 6. Paint-anything-you-want-to day.

Leandra, 7. Self portrait.

Leandra, 7. Paint-anything-you-want-to day.

Ethan, 6. Self portrait.

Justine, 8. Details of a cherry tree.

Animals by some of the children :)

Still life by Maggie and Ethan.