Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colourful Pasta Art

It's time for another art project!

Experiment number 10:
Pasta Art

You will need:
uncooked pasta, food colouring, paper,
white glue, acrylic paint, paint brush

Mix some food colouring with water in a bowl.
The more water you put, the lighter your colour will turn out.
Make sure that you add the colouring in drops.
It's more powerful than you think!

Leave the pasta submerged for 30 minutes.
Drain then rinse it in running water.
Place the pasta on newspaper and
allow it to dry overnight.

Prepare your background while the pasta dries.
Take your paint brush and paint, oh, but before you do that,
decide on what it is you want to make.

In this pasta art, I made a meadow.
I painted the sky orange. And the foreground, green.
After everything was dry - paint and pasta -
I stuck the pasta in place.
It makes pasta art a little more interesting,
don't you think?

I made another art work using plain uncooked pasta.
Not coloured. Here's how my snowflake turned out.

I learned this from a lovely woman
that's teaching me how to be a teacher :D