Friday, October 15, 2010

The Golden Girl by Heather

Experiment # 6: Drawing and Painting on Plaster of Paris

You will need Plaster of Paris, water,
a plastic plate, a stick for drawing,
a paintbrush and some paint.

Mix the Plaster of Paris and pour it into the plastic plate.
Just before the plaster hardens, have the child draw
whatever she/he wants to draw.

Let the plaster harden.

Here, Heather discovered that the base was nice and smooth,
so she painted the base instead. In gold.
She seemed so pleased with herself :)

Exposing children to different media is important.
There is a world, bigger than paper, where children
can express their creativity in.

Creativity is very important in educating a child.
We must value it as much as most parents
value mathematics and sciences.

Sir Ken Robinson explains why.