Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sir Percival, The Paper Clay Dog

Experiment Number One: Paper Clay Dog.

I recommend you try doing this activity yourself
before letting your child do it on his own.
It's always best that children do these activities themselves,
with us grown-ups in the background to guide them,
not do it for them. This activity is good for 6 to 10 year olds
(it also could be fun for big kids like you and me).

You will need:

• Paper Clay / Modeling Paste
• 4 match sticks
(break in half or to desired length of dog's legs)
• A little water
• Love and patience ~
a common ingredient you'll need
for all art projects with children

Making a Paper Clay dog is simple.
You will need to make 2 oval shaped balls
(1 bigger than the other. 1 for the head, 1 for the body),
2 triangles for the ears, and 1 short (or long)
worm like piece for the tail.

To make all these separate parts fuse together,
add a little water on the surfaces that need to adhere
to one another. Once the body is formed, you can,
with the help of a moist Q-tip, smoothen the surface.
Now that the body is formed, position the match sticks
where the dog's legs should be.

Let the dog air dry over night. Tomorrow, we paint :)

Jovi brand Modeling Paste / Paper Clay is available at Art Friend.